We run a small crèche every Sunday, except Easter Sunday and Christmas Day, with toys, puzzles and books. You are welcome to bring along any babies, toddlers or children not old enough to go into Junior Church. You can stay with them or we are happy to look after them while you go up to enjoy the service. You can either take you child(ren) up with you for the beginning part of the service and then bring them downstairs to the crèche when the other children go out to Junior Church, and return upstairs to the church; or you can leave them with us for the whole service.

Junior Church

Junior Church is  a place for children age 4 to 10 to be together, have fun and learn about Jesus and his teachings. It is a chance to share what they have been doing during the week, play games, sing and enjoy fun craft activities to help them learn about stories from the Bible. We would love to see you there on a Sunday morning during the service 10.30-11.30


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