Have a question? Then check out the following commonly asked questions:

Where do I park?

There is disabled parking in our Community Centre car park. This can be reached from the service road to the left of Morrison's supermarket, where free parking is also available (max 2 hours if you want to avoid a fine!). Other public car parks are signposted around the town centre.

Is there Disabled access?

There is a disabled lift at the front of the church on the forecourt, and also a lift inside the Community Centre up to the church level.

What should I wear?

Jeans, shorts, casuals, suit - anything that makes you feel comfortable

Where should I sit?

Sit anywhere you like. Occasionally seats are reserved for special services (such as Baptisms, but these will be marked by signs at the end of the pews). There are two areas at the front of the church which can accommodate wheelchairs.

Who will I meet?

People of all ages regularly attend our church. We are a friendly church so expect someone to say hello.
Tea and coffee are served in the Hub downstairs after the service, please feel free to join us.

How long will the service last?

Approximately 1 hour.

What facilities are available for babies and children?

There is a crèche for babies and children up to school age every Sunday morning except Christmas and Easter Sunday. If you would like your baby/toddler to stay with you through the service that's fine. For school age children up to year 6 there is Junior Church and from Year 6 up to ? there is 6Up, where the children and young people can enjoy age appropriate teaching, worship and activities together.

Is there a money collection?

Yes there is a collection to fund the work of the church, and at the end of a communion service there may be another collection for charitable causes we support. If you are a guest, please don't feel obliged to contribute, just pass the bag on to the next person. Many people who give regularly by bank standing order also let the bag pass by, so you won't be alone. If you would like to donate by bank standing order, please contact Ian Pattison - ipattison@outlook.com.

What other facilities are available?

We have a hearing aid loop. A printed order of service and notice sheet will be given to you, along with hymn books and service books which are required for the service, by a greeter when you arrive.

What is Communion? Can I take part?

Generally the service on the third Sunday of the month includes Communion, and all are welcome to participate. In these services, bread and (non-alcoholic) wine are served to remember Jesus' death and resurrection. If you would rather not receive the bread and wine but would still like to take part, feel free to come forward for a blessing, just keep your hands down by your sides to indicate your wishes.