Coronavirus update - 27 February

As all legal Covid restrictions have now been removed, precautions in the church and community centre are now discretionary. You should still consider a face covering if likely to be in a crowded space, and anyone with possible Covid-19 symptoms should consider taking a test and staying at home if in any doubt. We will continue to provide hand santiser at the church and centre entrances, and maintain ventilation as far as possible

10 December 2021

In accordance with new regulations, everyone must wear a face covering in church unless exempt, apart from the preacher and those leading the service (including choir members). Services will continue as normal for the time being, and we are still allocating pews at the back of church for those who prefer to have more space. We hope to go ahead with Christmas services this year, but are keeping the situation under review and following advice from the Methodist Church of Great Britain. Those attending church are encouraged to self-test for Covid-19 beforehand, and obviously if you have any symptoms please do not come

25 October 2021

With local case numbers rising recently, we have reviewed precautions for services. These will continue as normal, but with one or two additions in the light of feedback and looking at what other churches are doing

  • Several pews at the back of the church will be designated for anyone who wishes to have more space around them, with clear signs on these pews to maintain distance. Obviously there will be some guesswork in deciding how much space to allow, but it should not be necessary to book in advance for this seating area
  • Good ventilation is considered to be important, and we believe the church is generally satisfactory in this respect - eg. the heating system takes in fresh air from outside. But for maximum effect, doors and windows will be kept open during services even when the weather turns colder, so please come prepared to wrap up if necessary !

21 July

The minister and stewards have decided that all precautions will be voluntary from Sunday 25 July:

  • No booking in advance for those attending services. You are encouraged to use the NHS Covid-19 app to scan the QR poster when entering church, to help Test & Trace
  • No social distancing required
  • Face coverings optional
  • Congregational singing to resume

Services will still be slightly shorter than before the pandemic, and windows will be kept open to maximize ventilation. We hope to continue live streaming services on our youtube channel providing operators are available to enable this

3 April

Services in church will continue with limited numbers and other precautions (no congregational singing). If the booking system shows that all free tickets for a service has been taken, you are still welcome to come  - we will either ask you to follow the live video relay in the hall, or some of the volunteer helpers will move to the hall to make space in church

2 March

With rapid vaccine roll-out, and local rates of coronavirus infection now down to levels seen in October 2020, we believe it will be safe to resume services in church on Sunday 21 March. These will still be under restrictions and with limited numbers, so our booking system will return, and services will be live-streamed as before

16 December

Regrettably it has been decided that services in church will be suspended with immediate effect, until further notice, due to rising infection rates in the Reigate and Banstead area. This means our Christingle service and Christmas Day service cannot take place as planned (and the church will not be open on Christmas Eve) but there will be online worship available on our Facebook page and youtube channel. The carol service on the evening of 20 December was already scheduled to be online

30 November

Services will resume on 6 December, following the same shortened format as before, with no singing. There will be a live stream available, and Rev. Melvyn Cooke will also continue to produce weekly 'Meanderings from the Manse' videos. Please note that the Carol Service on 24 December will be a recorded services available here and on Facebook

Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes - Collection by Samaritan's Purse has been postponed till December, so you have more time to drop off shoe boxes.  Our Community Centre where we normally receive boxes will be open 5, 7-12 and 14 December, 10-12am. If making a special journey please phone the Centre first on 01737 652256 to check.

13 October

The booking system for services now only shows the Church, as it was felt to be confusing requiring people to decide between the church and the overflow in the Hall. So far we've had sufficient space for everyone in the church, and will review the maximum capacity in the light of experience. It would still be very helpful to have bookings in advance where possible (and we need everyone's details in case NHS Tracing require them), but please don't avoid coming to the service just because it looks as though booking is full or nearly full. Stewards will deal with this on the day by asking some people to follow the service by video in the Hall 

17 September

Services will resume on Sunday 27 September, but in accordance with Government and Methodist Church guidelines, the format will be different from normal. Services will last maximum 30-40 minutes, with limited numbers (due to social distancing) and no singing. Following a risk assessment, appropriate precautions are in place, and there's a short video showing what to expect when you arrive at church

The first few services will be lead by our minister, Rev. Melvyn Cooke, after which further details of preachers will be confirmed. Services will be available live on youtube if you prefer to watch from home, and Melvyn's talk will be available on the same day as a 'Meanderings from the Manse' facebook video, similar to those he's already produced

As seating is limited, a booking system is in operation - with free tickets of course ! You can also phone the church office 01737 652256 to reserve a place (please leave a message if no answer). If all seats for the Church have been reserved, please book for the Hall, where a live video relay will be provided.

18 July

Following the change in government guidelines allowing places of worship to hold limited services, the UK Methodist Church has issued its own guidance for local churches to decide how they can safely meet together. There are a lot of issues to consider, and the Church Council at Reigate Methodist (meeting online) has decided to plan for services to resume on 27 September. Assuming  current advice still stands, services will be limited to 30-40 minutes, with no singing of hymns. Maximum numbers in the church are likely to be limited in line with social distancing, but an overflow in the hall (with video relay) will be arranged if needed . We'll continue providing online worship resources for those not attending church. Check here or on our Facebook page for more detailed updates

Churches are also permitted to open for individual private prayer, but at present we're not able to provide this

9 April

The Methodist Church website has a new page of worship resources and links for Easter

Also available is a recording of the Good Friday 2018 service at Reigate

26 March

All church services are suspended. Please check here and on our Facebook page for updates and suggestions for alternative personal worship. Rev. Melvyn Cooke will be streaming regular short talks on Facebook, and we hope to make available other material that would have been used for services at Reigate. As Messy Church is suspended, Angela has produced a video with ideas to try at home

Here are some other links which may be helpful

Methodist worship resources including live-streamed and recorded services from Wesley's Chapel and Central Hall, and online orders of service

Recorded services from Reigate Methodist Also check here for Rev. Melvyn Cooke's recorded talks, in case you're not able to access them via Facebook

Methodist Prayer Wall where you can add your own prayers

Taketime Ignation Meditation Recorded sessions of 5-10 minutes available via app or browser, using your imagination to provde a calm comfortable space in which to meet God. No religious background or knowledge required

Taketime Live sessions Meditation sessions will be streamed live on Sundays at 10am, and previous sessions will also be available

The Community Centre is also closed. You can still leave a message on the office number 01737 652256 for either church or centre matters and it will be picked up remotely

The Methodist Church is regularly updating a guidance page for local churches during the Coronavirus outbreak: